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Full name: Nguyen Van A  

Gender: Male

Day of birth: 6th March 1989

Permanent address: Nghia Tan Commune, Nghia Dan District, Nghe An Province.

Marriage Status: Single

Nationality: Vietnamese

Mobile Phone: (+84) 12345678

E-mail :


From 2008  to 2012: Faculty of Hasbandry and Veterinary Medecine, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry


-    Computer Literate (MS Word, MS Excel, Power point and Internet assessing skills)

-    Good at writing and speaking in English and Vietnamese.

-    Good at Planting fruit trees and vegetables.

-    Good at Farming works.

-    Good at working in dairy farm.

-    Active and self-motivating.

-    Has sense of responsibility and eagerness to learn and work.
-    Has the ability to work independently as well.




                  Participated in training on vaccination  for  animalin cooperation  with Dong Hy district, 3/2011

                  Participated in training on vaccination, diagnosis, and treatment of animal diseases in cooperation Na Hang district, 10/2011

                  Participated in training on vaccination, diagnosis, and treatment of animal diseases in cooperation with Tuyen Quang city,3/2012

                  Participated in training on diagnosis and treatment of  white horses diseases, 6/2012

                  Participated in the internship program with Agrostudies center in Israel, 10/2013

Career Objectives:

Through this training program, I would like to lead the following:

- I will apply in actual practice the knowledge and skills that I will learn from the Mast courses through the construction of a farm of my own management.

- I will use my English skills to explore and learn about the achievements of agricultural science in the world, and then, applying that to actual production.

- I certainly desire to sharing the skills and practical experience of agricultural addiction that I learned for people who interested in that in Vietnam.

I understand that any willful misstatement in this CV may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if agreed.

SIGNATURE                                               DATE:  5th November, 2014

Nguyen Van A

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